Published 06/01/2014 by Dahlia

so, just got off the Adventuress schooner, and let me tell you (IT WAS PRETTY AWESOME!) i got to steer the ship with out crashing it in to anything, i rowed a rowboat, i climbed a 100ft rigging,and got to take night watch for an hour!. When i had night watch, you know how in movies and you can see the “milkyway”? thats what it was like! i even brought my camera to take pictures but i didn’t have time to work on my photaghraphy :(. My teacher took pictures though.(i had to grit through 3 days worth of photos) getting my picture taken to me is a fate worse than death…anyways. And on top of that, we have two weeks left of school and then my blogging will continue in CAL-EE-FORN-I-AA! the state of sun and waves (not so much the waves unless you live in the SF part of CA. (which i would love to).BUT….before i get my bags packed, theres the little thing of finishing the school year…last minute writing of papers and essays and handwork sewing if you do that ūüėČ and don’t forget concerts an woodwork and me oh my, iv’e got ¬†lot to dah. And only two weeks to do it. wish me lots of luck that i can beat the ticking time!!



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Ok so you know how we have those dragging yourself outta bed,brain-dead days?Especially Mondays, where you go around,acting kinda zombie like? (unless you ARE a zombie then its perfectly acceptable).














Well, some more then others. I am those others….I don’t mind getting up, its just when your on break for…oh lets say two weeks.its cruel to have kids sleep in til their hearts content and have them get up early cause they wanna wake up and not look like something that came from ‘don of the dinosaurs” ¬†and i get it, its your choice if you wanna get up and have a shower and organize things a little bit before the big bad paddy-wagon school bus takes you to school,and then others are like,PERFECT. their hair is curled and they have their make-up on,and their clothes looks like they bought it right before the school bell rang. And they woke up like 15 mins ago! its like c’mon. you must be magic,to wake up like that.And then of coarse, we shan’t forget the young gentlemen who have cowlicks and frizzed up hair, and the wrinkeled clothes,i wish i could be more like that. not care of what other people think of me,i know i would get weird looks if i didn’t straighten my hair,(mostly because it looks like a chi pet somehow grew in my hair and turned it in to a rats nest)

comparison: reality high-school and fiction high-school

Published 03/26/2014 by Dahlia

so as I slowly creep out of 7thG and into 8thG, I start to remember how cool it will finally be to be a teenager in Hschool. Well I’m a teenager,

and no change. obviously I was watching to many cheesy Hschool movies/shows, and as I get older, I realize I feel the same, no different from when I wanted to be a teenager, I don’t feel any older, wiser, taller.NOTHING!! all we have now is, 1:more HW. 2:more¬†responsibility. And 3: less sleep,time and energy.¬†. And to all you Little kids out there? you don’t want to be a teenager!!

(and P.S if you don’t want to sleep at naptime, CALL ME! ¬†I WILL TAKE YOUR BURDEN CAUSE I’M SUCH A NICE PERSON :P)


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RIG ( robotic Inhanced Gal)

Published 03/18/2014 by Dahlia

So usually I’m the go to person for techy stuff at my school as well in my home life

. And its kinda funny how sometimes the problem is as simple as turning it off and on or restarting, and pretty much the only reason I know computerese is cause mostly all my family is in techno stuff.

When I don’t know what to do I just make it look like I’m doing something important and amazing


or there’s the time where I do something random or just a guess and it turns out to be right.

So in conclusion, computers will always be in my life. forever…and ever and eveeeerrrr!!!!!!…