comparison: reality high-school and fiction high-school

Published 03/26/2014 by Dahlia

so as I slowly creep out of 7thG and into 8thG, I start to remember how cool it will finally be to be a teenager in Hschool. Well I’m a teenager,

and no change. obviously I was watching to many cheesy Hschool movies/shows, and as I get older, I realize I feel the same, no different from when I wanted to be a teenager, I don’t feel any older, wiser, taller.NOTHING!! all we have now is, 1:more HW. 2:more responsibility. And 3: less sleep,time and energy. . And to all you Little kids out there? you don’t want to be a teenager!!

(and P.S if you don’t want to sleep at naptime, CALL ME!  I WILL TAKE YOUR BURDEN CAUSE I’M SUCH A NICE PERSON :P)


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