Published 04/21/2014 by Dahlia

Ok so you know how we have those dragging yourself outta bed,brain-dead days?Especially Mondays, where you go around,acting kinda zombie like? (unless you ARE a zombie then its perfectly acceptable).














Well, some more then others. I am those others….I don’t mind getting up, its just when your on break for…oh lets say two weeks.its cruel to have kids sleep in til their hearts content and have them get up early cause they wanna wake up and not look like something that came from ‘don of the dinosaurs”  and i get it, its your choice if you wanna get up and have a shower and organize things a little bit before the big bad paddy-wagon school bus takes you to school,and then others are like,PERFECT. their hair is curled and they have their make-up on,and their clothes looks like they bought it right before the school bell rang. And they woke up like 15 mins ago! its like c’mon. you must be magic,to wake up like that.And then of coarse, we shan’t forget the young gentlemen who have cowlicks and frizzed up hair, and the wrinkeled clothes,i wish i could be more like that. not care of what other people think of me,i know i would get weird looks if i didn’t straighten my hair,(mostly because it looks like a chi pet somehow grew in my hair and turned it in to a rats nest)


One comment on “BRAAAAAIIIIINNNSS!!!

  • But you’re so cute in the morning! Beside, you’ve got a chocolate-Easter brunch hangover.
    And you’re too young for coffee! Haven’t you heard caffeine will stunt your growth?

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