Published 06/01/2014 by Dahlia

so, just got off the Adventuress schooner, and let me tell you (IT WAS PRETTY AWESOME!) i got to steer the ship with out crashing it in to anything, i rowed a rowboat, i climbed a 100ft rigging,and got to take night watch for an hour!. When i had night watch, you know how in movies and you can see the “milkyway”? thats what it was like! i even brought my camera to take pictures but i didn’t have time to work on my photaghraphy :(. My teacher took pictures though.(i had to grit through 3 days worth of photos) getting my picture taken to me is a fate worse than death…anyways. And on top of that, we have two weeks left of school and then my blogging will continue in CAL-EE-FORN-I-AA! the state of sun and waves (not so much the waves unless you live in the SF part of CA. (which i would love to).BUT….before i get my bags packed, theres the little thing of finishing the school year…last minute writing of papers and essays and handwork sewing if you do that 😉 and don’t forget concerts an woodwork and me oh my, iv’e got  lot to dah. And only two weeks to do it. wish me lots of luck that i can beat the ticking time!!


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